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Granny's Rules of Life:


  • The Bully Rule:  “…All bullies are cowards and should be dealt with appropriately…”


  • The Cary Trimble Rule:  “…Some people are born and nurtured as assholes and remain assholes all their lives…”


  • The Information Rule:  “…All learning and knowledge are permissible. Beware of preachers, teachers, supervisors, self-nominated members of any elite (such as an Albrecht – a worst example), judges, lawyers, politicians, Generals and other idiots who try to control knowledge…”


  • The History Rule:  “…History is written by either a biased historian or by the winners…”


  • The Religion Rule:  “…All religions are based on sophism and are to be questioned -- but always at great risk of life…”



  • The Motto: "...Anything worth doing is worth overdoing..."


  • The Serenity Rule:  

    “…To whatever Omnipotent Being may exist,

    Please give me the patience to accept the things that cannot be changed

    The courage to change the things which can and should be changed

    And the wisdom to know the difference..."



What Granny says:
  • Granny has an infinite amount of patience because he has never used any.
  • Consistency is not always a virtue.
  • The only illusion about communication is that it occurs.
  • The reason I never lie is no one ever believes anything you say anyway -- so telling a lie is stupid.  The most clever ways to lie are to tell the absolute truth or part of the truth.
  • Beware of analogies.  Their points are never understood but always misconstrued.
  • The only true sin is hurting another person unnecessarily.
  • Beware of strong drink.  It can cause you to miss when you shoot at assholes.
  • Always grasp a nettle firmly.
  • History is written by the winners.  If Germany and Japan had won WW II, the war trials would have been in DC, and Eisenhower, Bradley and Patton would have been tried.
  • Women are a neat invention.
  • There are two things I know for sure.  I would never buy anything from The Mighty Boeing and I would certainly never sell them anything.
  • Retirement is when you still get a salary but you don't have to go to work anymore.
  • To thine own self be true, for it then follows as the night the day, that thou canst not be false to anyone -- with apologies to Shakespeare.


What others say about Granny:
  • Wife:  No man is an island, but Granny is an atoll.
  • Friend:  Granny is a very wise mentor, second only to my father.
  • Friend:  I never need to listen to what Granny says the first time because I know he will always say it again.


    Granny's definitions:




The Orphan with his Anesthesia Collection



  • confisticate
to take away someone's property
  • ethnic
a value system, as in "Granny has always had a strong work ethnic"
  • marionate
to soak food in spices or sauce; also, what the martini does while it dilutes with ice
  • miggitate
when effects are lessened, they are miggitated
  • misled
(pronounced "myzuld") to be led astray or confused
  • preciptuous
when something causes or precipitates a consequence, it is preciptuous
  • solicious
to be careful and gentle with another person and attentive to their needs
  • vidginettes

small pictures or stories capturing a moment


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Boeing:  Land of Heroes and Assassins




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