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The Early Adventures of The Little Orphan Granny

Part Two:  The World Around Trimble Place




The Little Orphan Granny makes friends


Finally, beginning when he was in the third year of school, The Orphan lived for a long, long time in the same home at 2106 Trimble Place and there were friends to make on Trimble Place in The Orphan’s neighborhood.

There were also others on Trimble Place who were never able to become friends.

There was The Milton York (whose small brother was named Alvin after his Great-Grandfather, Sergeant Alvin C. York, a much decorated World War One hero who looked like Gary Cooper) who lived across the Place called Trimble from the home of The Orphan. His father called The Milton York by the hated nickname of “Nooky.” 

Nooky called things “whatchamacallits” and used other words that had not been previously introduced to The Orphan. The new language was to make The Orphan a target of ridicule for a long time until he acclimated.

But, the most important piece of new language was that The Nooky knew the name of the internal and the external persona of The Orphan and said it aloud for the first time.

     “…Granville? What kind of a name is that? Are you a Granny?”

The Orphan was fast, The Orphan was strong, but it was not enough.  The Nooky was stubborn and continued to call The Orphan by the name Granny. No one, not even The Parents of The Orphan, knew of the pact between The Real Granville and The Little Orphan Granny - nor did they know of The Granny name.  It is also true that even The Orphan did not know the name Granny before Nooky said it aloud, but The Orphan recognized it as his own immediately.

The Orphan was now publicly recognized as The Granny. (Until these stories were written, no announcement had ever been made by The Orphan or any other that Granville’s complete name was The Little Orphan Granny nor was even the name “The Orphan” revealed, nor was it revealed that there was The Real Granville safely hidden deep inside).

Now The Real Granville was safe for his very name had slipped into anonymity forever (maybe with two layers of protection).

Nooky and The Orphan became friends and remained friends, even until the writing of this story.  Nooky was able to shed his Nooky nickname in later life, but The Orphan was to remain a Granny all his life.

There was also Jackie Chambers at the end of Trimble Place who was sticky because some of The Orphan’s toys would stick to him after playing with them with The Orphan.  The Orphan discovered this stickiness of Jackie Chambers and on a weekly basis would visit Jackie’s apartment to look under the living room sofa and under Jackie’s bed to find the toys that had stuck to Jackie Chambers.  He then would return them to their rightful place in The Orphan’s home, where they would stay until the next visit by Sticky Jackie.

Living on the block beyond Nooky’s house was a bully named Cary Trimble (no relation to The Orphan’s Trimble Place). Cary Trimble, when he espied The Orphan, would chase the Orphan with threats of bodily harm -- until The Orphan ran an experiment. The next time Cary Trimble chased The Orphan, the Orphan ran toward Cary Trimble and threw Cary Trimble firmly to the ground. Cary Trimble cried and ran home.

Thus The Orphan learned a rule that The Real Granville filed away. The rule was,

     “…all bullies are cowards and should be dealt with appropriately…”

After The Orphan had chased Cary Trimble with threats of bodily harm several times, The Orphan, to avoid himself being a bully, said to Cary Trimble “…let us live in peace and not chase each other with threats of bodily harm any more…”

The chasing stopped but Cary did not live in peace nor did he stop the meanness.  The Orphan learned a new rule for The Real Granville to file –

     “…some people are born and nurtured as assholes and remain assholes all their lives…” Such was Cary Trimble.

Later The Orphan was to learn that Cary Trimble had no parents and was nurtured only by a grandmother. It was never clear to The Orphan that having no parents was a cause for Cary Trimble’s assholeness. His assholeness appeared to be a natural talent.

Directly across Trimble Place, next door to Nooky, was a small, younger person named Johnny Sinclair who wished mightily to be with Nooky and The Orphan – against their wishes. Sad it is to say that terrible things were done to Little Johnny Sinclair until Little Johnny’s Grandmother -- named Mrs. Seago -- told The Orphan’s Mother who told The Daddy of the foul deeds. Out of The Daddy appeared The Forbidding Giant who gave The Orphan data like that data given to The Orphan earlier in Mississippi as to attending school.

After that, Johnny did not have plagues imposed by The Nooky and The Orphan, and Johnny was only avoided by the duo whenever possible so that The Forbidding Giant would not re-emerge from The Daddy.

The Nooky’s parents lived in a home that also contained Nooky’s Grandfather and Grandmother Burkle who owned Burkle’s Bakery on “The Corner.” Burkle’s Bakery was a wondrous place with cookies, donuts, cakes and breads in abundance. Every Saturday, The Burkles would bestow on the family of the Orphan a “…bargain…” made up of the confections that had not sold and would be stale by Monday’s opening. This part of life was wonderful and really tasted good.

“The Corner,” a block away from Trimble Place, was the intersection of Madison Avenue and Cooper Street (in the area of Memphis named "The East End") where the Number Two Fairgrounds Streetcar had a major stop.

Also on The Corner were Adams Grocery Store, Williams Weona Grocery Store and Purdy-Jester Drugstore and Soda Fountain. They all were to play a significant role in the life of the Orphan.

The Orphan, thus integrated into the life of Trimble Place behind The Corner in The East End of Memphis, became ready for greater learnings.



2106 Trimble Place

   Alvin Cullum York     (1887-1964)

         Gary Cooper           as Alvin York

front row from left to right:

Nooky York, Sticky Jackie, Cary Trimble, Tommy Thompson

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