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The Later Adventures of The Little Orphan Granny


The Criminal Side of The Orphan

The Little Orphan Granny becomes a criminal
in the Kirkland Communist KGB Nazi Gestapo Storm Trooper Police State



Chapter One

An introduction to the Kirkland, State of Taxes, Police State (KCOPS) and the Kirkland Communist KGB Nazi Gestapo Storm Trooper (KCKNASS) Police


The Orphan was a very careful orphan and was particularly cautious around the anesthetic called ethanol (he hated to spill any) when he drove cars. The Orphan had learned the many pitfalls in the use of ethanol since his introduction to it at 21 years of age.  One of these pitfalls was driving while intoxicated (DWI), later named driving under the influence (DUI). 

The Orphan had begun driving a Ford Model T truck in the State of Mississippi at six years of age, while sitting on The Daddy’s lap while The Daddy rolled cigarettes to store in a Prince Albert Tobacco Can

In his first 68 years of life, The Orphan had managed to keep an unblemished driving record, except for one speeding ticket for driving 28 miles per hour in a 25 mph zone. 

The Orphan even fought this ticket in court, saying that the infraction was insignificant, especially because radar detectors were not that accurate, and asked that the ticket be removed from his record, saying,

     “…I like to keep my driving record perfect so that I can be arrogant around my children...” to which the judge replied,

     “…Well, I’m not going to dismiss the ticket, but I will drop the fine to court costs, as no one should have a perfect record…” (he must have gone to the same school of life as Miss Grace Mauzy, who used the same reason for giving The Gail a “B” back at Central High School).

The State of Washington, also well named “The State of Taxes,” had (and still has) a government of the people against the people who, each time a proposal was or is made for The State of Taxes to do something, would (and still will) say,

     “…No problem, we will just raise Taxes…”

This same Non-Representative government of the people against the people has passed a law that says,

     “…there must be no drinking before driving nor can there be any alcohol in the vehicle, or else people must be arrested.  Then they must contribute great sums of money in the form of penalties and fines and fees to succor the State and to improve the economy, retainers to support the legal profession, financial subsidies for the churches and the treatment centers, payment for the bookkeepers to keep track of all this and income for the tow truck and taxicab businesses … and there must be a moratorium on driving…”

In other words, a new law reduced the DUI threshold to .08 percent blood alcohol content from the former .10 percent level, and mandated many fines and a driver's license suspension and visits to alcohol classes and treatment centers and time in jail and many other large and small fees in its new penalties.

This financially-confused government of the people against the people also makes contradictory plans like delaying the opening of The State of Taxes liquor stores by one hour each day to save money for The State of Taxes, while simultaneously deciding to open liquor stores on Sunday so that The State of Taxes can make more money. 

The general approach aims to curtail the “…privileges…” and “…benefits…”of as many citizens as possible while collecting as many fees and fines and penalties and taxes as possible.

What the Non-Representatives in this government of the people against the people do not realize is that an elected office is also “…privilege…” and a “…benefit…” as well as a responsibility and that the current government of the people against the people had better learn what a government of the people for the people really is.

In The State of Taxes, the City of Kirkland Police State (“KCOPS”)-- which was already a police state even before the new law) had found total heaven because of this new law’s ability to extend their already significant harassments.

The KCOPS and their abetting businesses immediately opened hundreds of drinking establishments and swelled their budding Kirkland Communist KGB Nazi Gestapo Storm Trooper (“KCKNASS”) Police Force into a burgeoning mass of KCKNASS Police Officers whose assignment was and is to entrap people continuously.

It is said that, even before finding the heaven of the new law, one second after a parking meter lapsed in the KCOPS, hundreds of parking tickets would appear on the windshield, and when a pedestrian stepped even one foot into a crosswalk while carrying a silly little Communist Nazi Red Flag, all drivers would beware of even being on the same street.

The KCOPS, KCKNASS Police Officers even wait hidden, as their predecessors in Moscow and Berlin did -- lurking behind corners and sitting in restaurant and tavern parking lots gathering license plate numbers from parked cars – which they run through their computers looking for victims. 

And they anticipate potential missteps to stop and harass -- as well as deliberately and flagrantly use illegal tactics to entrap.

These KCKNASS Police Officers pursue and stop vehicles “…with no probable cause…” to seek violations for the benefit of KCOPS – a clear violation of the “…no unreasonable search…” provision of The Constitution.

It does not appear that either KCOPS or their KCKNASS Police use The American Constitution – as required by federal law. However it is also well known in all cities that “…laws…” apply to civilian citizens but not to the police.

Enter into this wicked and nefarious scene the innocent Orphan who had nearly completed his 69th year of lily-white, pure-as-the-driven-snow driving demeanor. In the following adventure the names are real to protect the innocent.

Early in the morning of Saturday, February 15, 2003, in the KCOPS, the city renowned for its KCKNASS Police Officers, The Orphan, after leaving the home of a friend – and using the meticulous care in driving his car that had been so successful for nearly 62 years, stopped at a stop sign at an intersection to await an opportunity to turn east (left) onto Central Avenue.

The Orphan waited at the intersection with the nose of his car in the crosswalk so he could see around the buildings to see if the street was clear. On Central Avenue, headlights were approaching the intersection from the east -- The Orphan’s left -- where the innocent Orphan waited for a safe opportunity to turn left.

The headlights, which belonged to KCKNASS Police Staff Car, stopped to the left of The Orphan in the middle lane of Central Avenue, even though there was no traffic light, no stop sign, no traffic and no pedestrians.

(Subsequent data would establish that the KCKNASS Police Officer intended to entice The Orphan to turn left in front of the KCKNASS Police Staff Car so that the KCKNASS Police Officer could harass the innocent Orphan. The KCKNASS Police Officer deliberately, and with malice aforethought, violated The Orphan’s Constitutional rights.)

At that time, though, the innocent and naive Orphan thought this stopping of the KCKNASS Police Staff Car to be very thoughtful and courteous and, after waiting politely for about 10 seconds in case the KCKNASS Police Staff Car wished to exercise its right of way, slowly and carefully -- but warily -- pulled into the intersection and completed the left turn to continue his way home -- happy with this courtesy.

The Orphan is also a very courteous driver who always lets people change lanes, lets them pull out in front of The Orphan and into his lane when there is a lineup and smiles a lot – even at police. The innocent and naïve Orphan appreciated the courtesy of even the KCKNASS Police Staff car.

The Orphan continues to this day to smile at police except when in the KCOPS – and as you read the rest of this story you will see why. The Orphan was soon to be exposed to the bestiality of the KCKNASS Police of the KCOPS.

In approximately one mile, behind The Orphan’s car appeared a plethora of flashing red and blue lights. The courteous Orphan, not wanting to block traffic on Central Avenue, turned right onto a side street and stopped his car. As The Orphan opened his car door to see how he could aid the plethora of flashing red and blue lights, a bullhorn roared,

     “…STAY IN THE CAR…!”

The Orphan jumped what seemed to be a foot and scrambled back into the car.

In an instant, KCOPS KCKNASS Policeman Officer B. J. Porter aimed a flashlight the size of a spotlight on the middle of The Orphan’s face and demanded,


The Orphan showed his driver’s license – which the KCKNASS Officer Porter took and kept. The KCKNASS Officer Porter then bellowed,


The Orphan had done no wrong, but at this time was still trying to aid the KCKNASS Officer Porter so he showed him his proof-of-insurance, which the KCKNASS Officer Porter also took and kept.

Disappointment was obvious on the face of the KCKNASS Officer Porter, as it appeared he would find no sins to use to punish The Orphan and take money from him for the KCOPS. The KCKNASS Officer Porter was not yet to give up hope -- he would use more guile as he searched for a sin.

There was a second KCOPS KCKNASS in yet another Staff Car watching from behind the KCKNASS Officer Porter. The second KCKNASS also had a plethora of red and blue lights flashing -- but with his face hidden -- possibly ashamed of KCKNASS Officer Porter -- but not probably. When The Orphan asked who the hidden face was and why he was there, the KCKNASS Officer Porter replied,

     “…He is here to make sure I do my job right…”

This confirmed three of the budding suspicions of The Orphan; (1) That this might not be a KCOPS Valentine card, (2) that KCKNASS Officer Porter needed watching (backup) lest the prey resist or attack and (3) that there are so many KCKNASS Policeman in the KCOPS that they must share victims. A feeling of dread was enveloping The Orphan.

The KCKNASS Officer Porter then bellowed an order to The Orphan to get out of The Orphan’s car (The Orphan wished KCKNASS Officer Porter would make up his mind).

KCKNASS Officer Porter then again shined his spotlight in the eyes of The Orphan and bellowed,


The Orphan wondered why such silly rituals were being carried out but – at the moment -- again hoped (but sadly) it might still be some form of KCOPS playing a Valentine’s Day game or some kind of initiation as an honorary KCOPS citizen – but an even more ominous feeling was creeping up The Orphan’s exercising body.

KCKNASS Officer Porter pulled a little pacifier from his garment and said,

     “…BLOW ON THIS…”

The Orphan was later to learn that the officer was required to inform him that this little pacifier was not the official breath measurer and therefore the blowing was only voluntary, and also was required to ask if any alcohol had been consumed in the past fifteen minutes, in which case the little pacifier was rendered useless.  Officer Porter did not behave as required.

The Orphan began to understand how the Jewish people felt in Nazi Germany (under the paper hanging ogre named Adolph Hitler) when one of the SS said, “…come mit me Juden…”. The Orphan asked Communist KGB Nazi Gestapo Storm Trooper Policeman named Officer Porter,

     “…Why are you doing this…”

KCKNASS Officer Porter said,


Now the Orphan, sensing something sinister, said,

     “…But you stopped for ten seconds too in front of me to wait for me to make a left turn…”

This plaintive plea for understanding was ignored by KCKNASS Officer Porter. The Orphan, now beginning to know -- but still not wanting to believe -- that he was surely in the hands of KCKNASS Criminals, started wondering if The American Constitution and Bill of Rights were practiced in KCOPS by KCKNASS Police Force -- and remembering all of the “Law and Order” TV shows, said,

     “…My attorney has instructed me to not play with you alone when you are up to nefarious tricks…” 

KCKNASS Officer Porter peered into the eyes of The Orphan (which KCKNASS Officer Porter could see clearly since the huge spotlight sized flashlight was shining in the face of The Orphan), said,



     “…What about my car…?” asked The Orphan.

The KCKNASS Officer Porter said,


The Orphan was then put into the rear seat of the KCKNASS puke and toilet-smelling KCOPS Car, taken to prison, made to sit in a small cubicle and, after a while, was put on the telephone to a pubic defender who said,

     “…You must obey but you should not speak…”

The Orphan was then fingerprinted, made to blow twice into a big pacifier and sign papers that said that KCKNASS Officer Porter had followed all of the rules and was legal -- even though KCKNASS Officer Porter and KCOPS had not been following the rules or being legal or using The Constitution.

Someone named Miranda must be truly fierce if even the KCKNASS Officer Porter and KCOPS are wary and must show documentation that Miranda has been obeyed.

The KCKNASS Officer Porter, now pleasant and affable (perhaps he had his quota for the night) and, while chatting with The Orphan about his training in the US Navy -- which The Orphan was guessing prepared him to work for the KCOPS -- punched a hole in The Orphan’s driver’s license in the center of the Seal of the State of Washington. 

He then returned the mutilated license and the proof-of-insurance card, and provided several pieces of paper which said where The Orphan’s confisticated car was, what his tests said, and that the right to drive would disappear in 60 days.  He asked without bellowing,

     “…What taxicab company do you want and how will you pay him….”

As the KCKNASS Officer Porter escorted The Orphan to the Farwest Taxi, he said,

     “…Remember two words – ‘deferred’ and ‘sentencing’…”

Perhaps the KCKNASS Officer Porter was studying to be a lawyer?

The Farwest Taxicab driver said,

     “…Aye, Sahib, and what did they get you for…?”

The Orphan explained that he had been abused and was innocent. The Punjabi Sheikh appeared not to hear and to be deep in his turban concentrating on his driving. The Orphan arrived home, paid the Punjabi Sheikh $20.00 and, after peeing himself and the Boot’s Dijon Mustard dog, Susie, went to bed.

On the morrow would begin a new adventure – an extremely expensive adventure.


Chapter Two

The Orphan gets help from his friends, meets new lawyers and learns the cost of doing business with The Kirkland Police State and the difficulties of doing business with The State of Taxes


When The Little Orphan Granny awoke on February 15, 2003, and assured himself that his car was not in his garage and that, therefore, the previous early morning’s adventure was not the kind of nightmare one experiences when asleep but was a real live nightmare, The Orphan made plans.

First, The Orphan called a Farwest Taxicab, and when it arrived, said to the driver,

     “…Please take me to my car…”

He said,

     ”…Aye, Sahib…” said the different Punjabi Sheikh, “…that will be $25.00…”

When The Orphan arrived at the car concentration camp where the car had been confisticated to, The “Quality” Towing Stalag guard said,

     “…You may have your car for $232.82…”

The Orphan was beginning to foresee cramps in his writing finger, exercise for his wallet hand and wear marks on his Visa card – but – how little he did actually know.

The Orphan, with his car, returned home from The “Quality” Towing Stalag, garaged his car and immediately started to get succor, help and advice from the some of his pertinent friends.

The Orphan immediately emailed his friend, Helpful Huneke -- who was an anomaly since he was an attorney who only wanted to help solve problems -- the following message (but shown here are only the pertinent pieces),

On Friday Night/Saturday morning, I was arrested, handcuffed, breathalized and charged with a DUI. There was no other problem -- no crash, running red lights or stuff please put me in good legal hands. While I am ashamed and embarrassed, life must go on and I would like to keep my record as clean as possible and minimize any penalties. I recovered my car on Saturday and I am driving with a license with a hole in it and a piece of paper that says it is good for 60 days from 2/15/03…

Helpful Huneke responded with,

... I called Paula at A&H and said, "who is the best? ...she said...that, in fact, for the very, very best, she would recommend John Fox (read The Very, Very Best)... So try John Fox at 425-451-1995,and the lady there will be expecting your call.  That firm is considered pretty expert; they put on the DUI seminar every year for lawyers…”

 The Orphan immediately called The Very, Very Best and let Helpful Huneke know,

“…I immediately called Fox, Bowman and Duarte and "Cathy?" confirmed you had called. She turned me over to Mark Hannay (appeared to be a paralegal), who took all of the data I had, and set up a meeting for me with Jo(h)n Fox tomorrow (2/19) at 1:00 pm…”

The Orphan then went to a meeting with The Very, Very Best where the price of admission was $8,500.00.  He retained this excellent Very, Very Best to protect the honor and well being of The Orphan.


When The Orphan asked The Very, Very Best what was meant by the KCKNASS Officer Porter telling The Orphan to remember the two words, “deferred” and “prosecution,” The Very, Very Best said that the KCKNASS Officer Porter was probably imitating a lawyer who was not the very, very best. The Orphan and The Very, Very Best decided not to follow the advice of the KCKNASS Officer Porter.


The Orphan learned later that Deferred Prosecution was an economic windfall for all of the State of Taxes. If the prosecution was deferred, the victim would go to expensive classes for five years so often that personal travel could not occur. KCKNASS Officer Porter may not have been a lawyer, but he was still working to get The Orphan in a position for continued plucking.


The Orphan then wrote a check for $150.00 for an Alcohol/Drug evaluation. The Orphan was found to be as pure as the driven snow.


The Orphan then wrote a check for $150.00 to attend an all-day class at an Alcohol/Drug Information School. Since The Orphan had been studying the use of this anesthetic for over 57 years and was well aware, The Orphan passed the course with honors and was awarded a Degree.


The Orphan then wrote a check for $5.00 to the Department of Licenses (“DOL”) of The State of Taxes for a copy of the magnificently clean, pure-as-the-driven-snow five-year driving record of The Orphan – which was needed by the State of Taxes even though The State of Taxes already had the record.


The Orphan had to pay The State of Taxes for their record in order to provide it to The State of Taxes!


The Orphan then attended the KCOPS Municipal Court on March 11, 2003, for an “Arraignment” (like the principal’s office but more stern) where The Orphan, accompanied by The Very, Very Best, told the Judge and the Persecuting Attorney that he was not either guilty of these-here nefarious allegations.


The Judge nevertheless said,


     “…You look guilty and, while you may drive for a while, you are forbidden to even look at or to smell ethanol when you are even near a car…”


Thus began a segment of the life of The Orphan when there was serious use of Farwest Taxi cabs if there was even the aroma of ethanol in the air and where The Orphan met so many Punjabi Sheikhs that they knew without being told where to take The Orphan.

The Orphan then wrote a check for $100.00 to the Department of Licensing (DOL) with a form begging for a hearing so The Orphan could keep his driver’s license and retain his driving privilege.

A DOL hearing was scheduled for April 3, 2003, but the DOL was not ready and The Very, Very Best and the DOL rescheduled to April 9.

On April 9, 2003, based on excellent legal work by The Very, Very Best's organization, the Department of Licenses rescinded their order to suspend The Orphan’s driver's license for 60 days starting April 17, 2003.

It was fascinating that the DOL knew of the evil nefariousness of KCOPS and their KCKNASS Officer Porter.

The DOL had read what KCKNASS Officer Porter had written in his “police report” as part of the entrapment of The Orphan:

“…I observed an older BMW (Editorial note:  how insulting -- since the BMW was a mere 14 years old while The Orphan was 68 years old – and The Orphan is still young as is the “Beamer”) that had stopped while making a left turn onto Central. The vehicle had moved completely into the number two lane blocking traffic…The vehicle did not move for 10 seconds although there was no other traffic…”

Which ‘no traffic’ was The Orphan blocking? The Idiot KCKNASS Officer Porter was stopped there in the middle lane of Central siphoning The Orphan out so the KCKNASS Officer Porter could illegally entrap him.

The DOL determined that The Orphan had violated no law in waiting 10 seconds to turn left on Central Avenue and found that KCKNASS Officer Porter had violated the rights of The Orphan (as The Orphan suspected at the time) and was to be disdained and ignored.

The DOL issued the following:

“…After a review of R.C.W. 46.61.570, these facts do not support a finding that the petitioner committed an infraction for which he could be cited prior to the officer activating his emergency lights. Therefore the evidence failed to establish that there was probable cause for the Officer to stop the vehicle driven by Mr. Frazier (Ed:  MR. Orphan!). The Hearing Officer, based on the evidence admitted at the administrative hearing, enters the following:



IT IS HEREBY ORDERED,         THAT THE PROPOSED ACTION OF THE Department of Licensing to suspend Mr. Frazier’s driving privilege for an incident of driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs on February 15, 2003 is RESCINDED…”

The Kirkland, State of Taxes, Police State and their Kirkland Communist KGB Nazi Gestapo Storm Troopers were now established in writing as the assholes they were. It is the judgment of the Orphan that these KCOPS KCKNASS assholes should study the recent actions of a free America in Iraq and reflect carefully on the Saddam Hussein type behavior of this local Police state.

The Orphan then went to the DOL, wrote a check for $15.00, and obtained a replacement driver’s license -- without a hole but with a much less flattering picture.

Then, on April 16, 2003, The Orphan again, still accompanied by The Very, Very Best, went to the KCOPS Municipal Court.  Based on more excellent legal work by the organization of The Very, Very Best, at a pre-trial meeting in KCOPS Municipal Court, The Very, Very Best plea bargained the DUI charge (never proven!) down to negligent driving -- a charge that carried no jail time, no driver's license loss and no insurance impact -- but the subsequent conviction made The Orphan a criminal and required a “fine plus penalties.”

Plea-bargaining is an interesting thing. If the initial charge can be made sufficiently stupendous and threatening (right or wrong) that conviction would bring ruin -- then, by pleading guilty to a more lenient charge (guilty or not) and thereby removing the expense of and risk of the vagaries of a jury trial, the victim’s pockets can be plucked clean by the Police State with almost no effort by the Police State.

After signing many forms promising that he would never argue with a conviction from a guilty plea for the plea-bargained crime, The Orphan had to face the Judge and plead guilty to negligent driving. The Judge told The Orphan that, if he, the Judge, wished, he could ignore The Very, Very Best and the Persecuting Attorney and do evil things to The Orphan and asked what The Orphan had to say.

The Orphan said he was sorry and would go back to the world and sin no more -- and The Orphan meant it.

The Very, Very Best also added data by relating to the Judge that The Orphan had said privately to The Very, Very Best that he, The Orphan, had gone 68 years without such a happening and was firmly committed to another 68 years before any other such occurrence. For some reason, the Judge, the other lawyers and the other criminals in the courtroom found this additional remark sufficiently humorous to laugh out loud. The very serious, empty-pocketed Orphan was not trying to be funny and was not amused.

The Judge decided to accept the plea-bargain as negotiated by The Very, Very Best and The Persecuting Attorney and not do additional evil things to The Orphan – but The Orphan must be very, very good for the remainder of his life and especially for the next two years.

The next step in this adventure/ordeal was a class attended on May 3, 2003 – a class called a “Victims’ Panel” -- where The Orphan wrote a check for $30.00 for one-and-a-half hours of total misery. This Victims’ Panel was a class where unhappy people were able to spread their unhappiness to a large group of other people.

The Orphan had correctly assumed that this “Victims’ Panel” class was about the victims of driving errors and not about victims of the City of Kirkland, Washington, Police State and their Communist KGB Nazi Gestapo Storm Trooper Police Force.

There remained only the payment, before June 16, 2003, of “fine and penalties” to the City of Kirkland of $795.00, due almost exactly four months after the entrapment by Officer Porter.

While reviewing the “penalties” section of the “fines and penalties” paperwork, The Orphan was reminded of the State of Taxes and the real purpose of the new anesthetic law.

The fine was $250.00. The “assessments” (not defined) were $225.00. BAC fee was $125.00. Criminal traffic fee was $95.00. Probation/monitoring fee was $100.00.

So The Orphan added up the costs of the taxicabs, towing, The Very, Very Best, the evaluations and schools and panels, the fees and fines, the new Driver’s License and the final fine and assessments by the Judge, and arrived at a total of $10,022.82.

Long live Sir Eyman! Short live Grasping Gary the Boy Governor, the Non-Representatives and The State of Taxes.

Once he was certain he was saved, The Real Granville, who had been extremely helpful and had remained strangely and quietly aloof during the four months, said to The Orphan in his most sanctimonious tone,

     “…Orphan, see why you are an orphan -- though a sober orphan! There will be no more exorcism of myself by the use of ethanol except when locked inside your lair -- and even there it might piss me off -- so be careful lest you receive punishment…”

This hopefully ends the story of how The Team of The Little Orphan Granny and The Real Granville became criminals.

The Orphan continues the study of the judicious use of ethanol.

















The Seal of The State of Taxes


The .08 DUI Law





Non-Representatives in The State of Taxes




City of Kirkland








The KCOPS KCKNASS Police Force must be watched







     City of Kirkland       Police State Staff Car















Kirkland Communist KGB Nazi Gestapo Storm Trooper Badge






















A Little Pacifier







Officer B. J. Porter reminded The Orphan of Hoyt Axton's song to Officer Ray:


Officer Ray, may your hens never lay

May the rats eat your mail

May your testicles fail

Officer Ray, may you have a bad day

May your wife run away

With a hippie...





KCOPS City Hall and Jail



The Orphan's Driver's License with a hole in the middle of the Seal of the State of Washington




































The Very, Very Best



A Manual on How to Be The Very, Very Best



The Orphan's Degree from Alcohol/Drug Information School



KCOPS Municipal Court









































Sir Eyman

The Orphan welcomes a gladiator named Sir Eyman since he, at the very least, exposes the government of the people against the people (“Non-Representatives”) to The State of Taxes taxpayers as a mindless group of Non-Representatives who cavalierly propose ever increasing the rate on current taxes as well as new taxes and, at the best, causes taxpayers to strike down ridiculous taxes.

These cretin Non-Representatives do not get it at all. These Non-Representatives revile and ridicule Sir Eyman as a “horse’s ass” while saying that what he is doing is not good for the Washington “villagers” and that Sir Eyman does not represent the “voters.”

The cretin Non-Representatives are so out of it and stupid that they ignore that each of Sir Eyman’s initiatives has gained a huge majority “yes” vote – a vote that must be set aside by some biased bought-and-paid-for Judge – a Judge who should never have been elected and hopefully will never be elected again.

When The Boy Governor of Washington State, Grasping Gary, made a plan for “yet-another-new-tax,” a part of Grasping Gary’s plan was to circumvent Sir Eyman. This Eyman circumvention plan was for the Non-Representatives to force this yet-another-new-tax into law so quickly that there was no time for Sir Eyman to lead the The State of Taxes taxpayers to yet another revolt.

The good thing about The Boy Governor is that he is so naïve that he admitted publicly why he did the plan.


Grasping Gary

The Boy Governor



Education in Ethanol End of The Criminal Side  


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