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The Early Adventures of The Little Orphan Granny

Part Three:  The World of Growing Up



CHAPTER twelve

 The Little Orphan Granny and The Real Granville keep their pact


During all of these years, The Real Granville remained quietly hidden and comfortably alone, well protected by The Orphan from harm or hurt. The Real Granville spent his time organizing and storing all new data obtained by The Orphan and then rearranging the data as necessary when continuously flowing new and never known before things caused the file to be renamed.

In the beginning, the team of The Little Orphan Granny and The Real Granville did not understand the complex details and the different assignments of the team’s two members. The development of a sophisticated process and the understanding of this process were learned along the way in bits and pieces, and stored by The Real Granville in one of his memory files as a story.

As The Mature Orphan now writes these stories, it is sometimes difficult to access only the pieces of the phenomenon that were known at the time these stories took place – but, after the revelation that began with the cessation of The Orphan’s stuttering, the team knew of its existence and the roles that were to be played.

The Real Granville used a memory storage system that took each set of data and arranged the data as a story all lined up in chronological order. There were more of these data files than could be counted but The Real Granville was able to access all instantly – even when many files were required at one time.

From a remote location The Real Granville could then see all of the data of each and all of the files from the beginning to the end at the same time – and could also extrapolate way into the future -- although the line became more frayed as he made longer looks into the future.

In later life, such an ability to store huge amounts of data in such a readily available form would cause Behavioral Psychologists consternation, for when asked a question or for a plan, The Orphan would instantly spew out a complete answer.

     “Aha,” would say the Psychos, “Granny is an Introvert and an Intuitive (meaning he guesses)!”

However, all of the tests, such as Myers-Briggs, said The Orphan was an Extrovert and Sensing (meaning he always uses data).

The Psychos would then ponder this and say,

     “…This is a conundrum because data cannot be obtained on such issues this quickly…”

The Psychos were wrong because they did not know of The Real Granville with his unique data files and, like many others, they were often confused and misled by The Little Orphan Granny persona – The Orphan who joked, cut up, laughed, partied, told jokes and was often on stage.

The Psychos, after much pondering and meetings, would finally decide that The Orphan had a unique lightning-fast mind that used data to make decisions as rapidly as an Intuitive could intuit a guess.

The Orphan was continually happy. The Real Granville was continually serious.

Both heads of this two-headed monster had to accommodate their differences since they used the same brain, heart, lungs, appendages and other faculties. The Real Granville was a quiet child and, later, a very focused man. It was The Orphan’s job to go out and regale the whole world and other things.

The Real Granville had a hobby, which he had started when he decided that The Orphan did not need to stutter anymore. The Real Granville enjoyed looking at “things” in a manner that examined all sides and the top and the bottom to see if a different view would make a different answer - and - it almost always did.

The Real Granville was usually merciless to The Little Orphan Granny.  The Orphan remembered the final pact that said after he massed 150 pounds and was well muscled, he was honor bound to express a different thought once it was shoved into him. Both The Real Granville (who was unconcerned) and The Orphan (who was mightily concerned) were often lonely and avoided.

Occasionally The Real Granville (not always for an immediately clear reason) would hurl The Orphan repeatedly at an impossible problem or situation - totally oblivious to The Orphan’s pain - until the impossible became merely the improbable.

But the Real Granville kept an “open door policy.” The Real Granville also continued to have infinite sympathy because he seldom used any on The Orphan.

Sometimes, but not often, the impossible remained the impossible. When The Orphan had hurled his being at an obstacle or a situation in all manners for extended periods and was in danger of harm (The Real Granville would also have been harmed), The Orphan, after a long and sad meeting with The Real Granville, would partake of an anesthesia that would isolate The Orphan from the failure to solve the now clearly impossible.  This anesthesia could take many forms, including reading, but later on the preferred were Martinis, Manhattans, Gimlets, Bourbon-Sevens and Gin & Tonics.

Thus The Orphan and his quiet companion continued the development of the duo to ready for the future.



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