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Hindsight Philosophy:

On Being Only An Egg


The Orphan re-learns that each new phase of life returns him to being “only an egg”





Each time The Orphan is suddenly teleported into a totally new world, he finds he has to start over again as “only an egg.”  

Later in life, The Little Orphan had a meeting with The Real Granville to discuss the phenomenon of what happens each time he has struggled, grown and achieved mightily to a new level of importance and sophistication and smug relaxation, only to find himself suddenly back to being only an egg.

Chapter One of The Early Adventures tells of the first occurrence of this phenomenon in The Beginnings of The Little Orphan Granny while only a Mississippi egg.  It repeats again and again with the New World Around Trimble Place when The Little Orphan Granny's world changes … a New World of the Arts when The Little Orphan Granny studies manners and music … a New World of Higher Education when The Little Orphan Granny's mother sends him out into the world… a New World at The Mighty Boeing when The Orphan Begins His New Life in Washington State … and many other new worlds, each of them returning The Orphan to being only an egg.

The Orphan asked The Real Granville why life was so scary and why The Orphan had to strive continuously over and over to reach a seemingly new safe plateau.

The asshole Real Granville, assuming his most professorial role, decided to use the tactics of The Giant of Industry and only ask questions.

     “…Orphan, whatever are you talking about? What new levels of importance and what drops into new abysses and subsequent climbs to new plateaus? Are you being silly again? I know that you have not had any ethanol and should be able to think. Tell me what you think…”

The Orphan responded with,

     “…Hey, you cowardly asshole, you were there even if you were hiding in your snug office control room peering out through the eyes of The Orphan all safe. Let me tell some stories – which you know but obviously need to hear again…”

     “…On June 9, 1934, The Little Orphan Granny was only a Mississippi egg that had just been laid by the Muddy. For the next several years (see Chapters One through Four in The Early Adventures) the Orphan learned to walk, to talk (NO rudeness Real Granville), to cipher, to play and even to attend school…

     “…Suddenly this sophisticated, learned six-year-old student was transported from the farm in Walnut, Mississippi, into a whole new world in Memphis, Tennessee, and became ‘only an egg’ again – and before The Orphan could even start the struggle back up, was transported to Arkansas for a spell and then thrust into another new world back in Memphis in The World Around Trimble Place – which at least was a permanent location for a while – where he again was ‘…only an egg…’

     “…A steep climb back took The Orphan through Grammar, Junior and Senior High Schools to emerge as an artist, dancer, musician, ROTC veteran, a high school graduate and a would-be lover with a long and varied work history (see Chapters Five through Sixteen of The Early Adventures)…

     “…Then Voilà, The Orphan was teleported to Knoxville, Tennessee, to The University of Tennessee and into the Co-operative Engineering world at Pidgeon Thomas Iron Company where he was again ‘only an egg…’

     “…After a five year climb to a sophisticated, married graduate Mechanical Engineer with a job in a giant corporation named The Mighty Boeing (see Chapters Seventeen through Twenty of The Early Adventures), The Orphan was transported into a new world and again becomes ‘only an egg’ and must begin anew yet again…”

Then…The Real Granville rudely interrupted with a tirade,

     “…Enough! Orphan, pitiful orphan, before you have me laughing hysterically, don’t you know your life is the appropriate life of insecure beings who must overachieve continuously to feel important?… 

(“...The Real Granville is the insecure one...” thought The Orphan.)

     “…Don’t you know that you are blessed with the learning process that makes you grow mentally on a continual basis – as well as in weight, apparently?…

(...Rude bastard, The Real Granville...)

     “…Orphan, those who stop at one of these ‘plateaus’ and adopt the ‘…local laws of that village…’ and perch there forever are forevermore prohibited from learning the real ‘… natural laws of the Universe…’ They remain full-grown chickens all their lives instead of returning to the true growth that starts with being an egg…

     “…I have been there with you, Orphan, all the way and have taken care of you – only when sans ethanol, of course – and am now with you even through your latest return to ‘only an egg’ after your retirement from The Mighty Boeing and subsequent capture by The Boot (see The Final and Permanent Seduction of The Little Orphan Granny and The Boot)

     “Now, Orphan, naive orphan, go forth and continue your adventures and your learning…!”

The Orphan had his question answered but still dreads any future returns to “…only an egg…” 

However, The Orphan also well knows what any “…chicken…” remembers – that while being inside a dark, cramped and lonely egg is scary, it is where the beginning of hard work and persistence will let him break free to a new and different place in the Universe.

So The Orphan still strives for more knowledge -- while stubbornly dragging The Real Granville along – even to the adventure of writing these stories and reliving the exciting lives!





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